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Frequently Asked Questions

As a result of developing internet technologies, today's digital transformation is in process. This process puts traditional marketing methods on the shelf. The brand that is not included in the digital will have limited production and customers. You need to create your digital presence to reach wider audiences and take your brand to the next level.

Digital agencies work to maintain and promote the digital presence of brands. While you focus on your business, the digital agency follows the changing trends, completes the sectoral competitor analysis and puts the strategy determined by your brand into action to reach the highest efficiency.

You can complete your digital presence by establishing your business on your brand's website, social media accounts suitable for your activities and digital maps. In the next period, you can expand your customer volume by getting digital advertising support.

It is not possible to state a specific budget here. In digital advertising, advertising campaigns can be created for every budget, but the results are not the same. The important thing here is your budget. Sub-segments such as keywords, airtime, location, target audience that will create your ad campaign will be affected depending on your budget.

You can be on the first page by paying for ads on your website organically with search engine optimization (SEO) or with search engine marketing (SEM).

We ensure that what you share on your social media accounts is shared by accounts with high followers, so that you get high interaction.

Although our center is Istanbul, we do not have any city restrictions.